Villa Ratingen, Ratingen near Dusseldorf; 16 May 11

I don’t visit Germany very often these days so I enjoyed a quick trip over last week to visit InterPack, the big triennial packaging show in Dusseldorf. Hotels at the times of big shows double their prices and then double them again but I left it till the last-minute and got a really good deal at the Villa Ratingen, just 10 minutes from the airport. Continue reading

Brownlow Arms, Hough-on-the-Hill; 20 Feb 11

Not a lot of people know very much about Lincolnshire. It’s flat, it’s got a bit of a war-time history as a base for many bombing raids and it’s got a number of sea-side resorts which are known more for the sea breezes than the sunshine. It borders on Cambridgeshire to the north and I was surprised to chance upon it once when I was walking around Parson Drove; I just turned a corner and I was in Lincolnshire. But many people just drive through it when they use the A1 to go north. Continue reading

Swynford Hotel; 26 Dec 10

I remember someone once telling me that he’d inherited two characteristics from his father, viz premature balding  and being a supporter of Manchester City, and that there was nothing he could do to change them. This was some years ago when being such a supporter would be regarded as eccentric but with billions now behind the club it’s a little different. Anyway today I have to live with two other characteristics. These are my love of order on the one hand and my increasingly paid-up membership of the grumpy old men’s club. Continue reading

Yo! Sushi, Cambridge; 12 Dec 10

I don’t often go out on a Sunday evening. It’s generally my time to finally relax at the end of the weekend before another manic week. But last Sunday was our last opportunity to see ‘the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest’ at the Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge with the only show being at 2100. So we grabbed an early supper and took the opportunity to sample the new Yo! Sushi in Cambridge. Continue reading