Photo of the Month: August 2022

Some photos are just pure serendipity as is this one. We’d just come out from dinner in Brighton and were walking back to the hotel down the narrow alley ways, this one connects Middle Street to Ship Street. I like the colours and the vertical stripes and the positioning of the couple just in a patch of light.

This photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy s20 FE 1/25th at f1.8 ISO 1250 and a ’35mm focal length equivalent’ of 26mm. There has been minimal post-processing and a 1*2 vertical crop. Note that the photo has been taken using the phone camera’s ‘auto HDR’ option which ‘captures more detail in the bright and dark areas’ of my shots.


North Norfolk: 5 highlights

We’ve just had a week in Thornham, a little to the east of Hunstanton, in North Norfolk. We’d rented a house so that we could spend time with the Bradburies and Charles without the space constraints of our respective homes. I reckon it was a bit of a rite of passage, such ‘whole family’ holidays are something you have to test at least once and by and large this one was pretty painless. The weather was generally good, the house was well equipped and we had no major rows.

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30 years ago

The Guardian tells me that 30 years ago history was made at the Barcelona Olympics by the presence of the US ‘Dream Team’ competing in the basketball and setting standards which had never been seen before.

I remember those Olympics because that’s when I was in hospital having my hip op and although I had TV in my room the choice was essentially the Olympics on Swiss TV, we were living in Switzerland at the time, and the Republican Party convention on CNN.

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Photo of the Month: July 2022

We had such good pasta when we were in Italy in May I thought I should do my best to replicate it back home so this has become one of my signature dishes: linguine al salmone. The key to success is to be generous with the salmone!

This photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy s20 FE 1/100th at f1.8 ISO 320 and a ’35mm focal length equivalent’ of 26mm. There has been minimal post-processing, just a slight lightening of the shadows, a medium contrast tone curve and a square crop.

I’ve done my bit for women’s football

I’ve got to confess that I’ve not been a whole hearted participant in the ‘the Lionesses won the European Cup so all’s well with the world’ orgy of celebration following last Sunday’s victory. I don’t want to play down the victory and I’ll certainly applaud the impact that it will likely have on women’s participation in football and sport in general but I suspect that even 1966 didn’t get the obsessive media coverage that we’re seeing today. We are inclined to overdo stuff aren’t we?

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