Going to the movies

Not something we can do at moment of course but that doesn’t stop me reminiscing.

My memories of going to the cinema, or to the flicks as we would have said in those days, began in the early 60s. As a teenager in I went to the local cinemas, every town had one, and, if you were impatient for the latest release there were the big chains: the ABC and the Odeon in Chester.

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5 things I miss during social distancing

2020-03-28 17.08.29Firstly the small print. I’m a baby boomer, got my own house with no mortgage and have a couple of occupational pensions which keep my bank balance positive (although my pension pot has taken a bit of a hit as the stock market’s crashed). So I’m not worried about losing my job, I’m not working in the front line (at the NHS or at the Coop) and I don’t have a house full of children desperate to get outside and have fun. All of which makes me a little embarrassed by my rather smug, middle class list of 5. Continue reading

Mar 20: photo of the month

Mar 20 monthlyThis is sort of a signal photo being taken just before Boris J got really tough with his lockdown rules. I went into Cambridge to see what I could get from the market and was delighted to see lots of produce available: fruit, veg, meat, fish, cheese and bread.

This photo was taken with  my Sony Xperia XZ1, 1/160th at f2 and ISO 40 and no zoom (I rarely do). I’ve cropped it, corrected for the light under the awning and added a little ‘texture’ to bring out the detail.

Feb 20: photo of the month

Feb 20Back to Cambridge this month for a peep at King’s College down St Edward’s Passage.

This was taken with my Sony Xperia XZ1, 1/160th at f2.0 and ISO40. The focal length was 4.4mm. I confess to a little post processing including adding some colour to an otherwise drab sky.