Exam results remembered

It happens every year these days. Exam results are published, students go into their schools to pick up their envelopes and the TV cameras are on hand to capture the delight of these who’ve got what they need and/or exceeded their expectations. Some are interviewed, generally the better looking ones with a nod towards ethic diversity, then there are photographs of jumping with spontaneous joy. It’s all grist to the media mill but it hasn’t always been like that.

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Photo of the Month: Jul 2021

We were due to be in Yorkshire for the weekend to stay with Clare’s family and for me to go the cricket with Alex and we booked a night in Stamford on the way up. Unfortunately everyone except Clare tested positive for Covid (they’re OK now) so we had to cancel that trip but we stuck with Stamford.

We stayed at the Henry Cecil and after dinner took a walk. It was one of those crystal clear summer’s evenings and I took this photo of St Martin’ Church with the spire of the Church of St Mary just behind.

This photo was taken with my Sony Cypershot WX-350 1/40th at f4.5 and ISO 800. There’s been minimal post-processing just a modest crop to get rid a a couple of stray lights in the foreground.

Living off the NHS

As if my angioplasty wasn’t enough of a drain on the already stretched NHS finances I’ve been on a drug regimen since which I’m sure isn’t exactly low cost. I’m down to four medicines now, two each morning and evening, but started on six and then went up to seven. I thought it would be useful, maybe interesting, to list them and perhaps understand their role in keeping me healthy and prolonging my life.

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Photo of the Month: Jun 2021

I offer this shot of King’s College Chapel for PotM with some trepidation. Firstly because it’s a cliché and secondly because it’s been subject to a lot more post-processing than is my normal practice.

It was a summer’s evening and I’d turned up for an event an hour early so I had the opportunity to just walk around and enjoy Cambridge. I was drawn to this shot by the cows but the shot is really of the chapel.

The photo was taken with my Sony Experia mobile phone, 1/125th at f2.0 and ISO 40 with a focal length of 4.4mm. 

In post-processing I first of all gave it a severe crop and then got rid of some temporary fencing in the foreground. I added a sky with some colour and increased the texture of the buildings. As I said, quite a lot of post-processing. Check out the original.

This is my first phone PotM for some time and you can see its limitations. The lack of resolution is not displeasing but it does look a little more like a painting than a photograph.

The story of my life, one year at a time: 2011

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to build a story of my life one year at a time so I decided to make it just a little easy by starting with 2011. It’s ‘easy’ because it’s only ten years ago, because I’ve got a pretty good digital photography record and because my working notes seem pretty comprehensive. I can probably complement these with my credit card account and by reference to Juni’s diary in which she records our meals. Plus of course for context there is the Internet and the power of Google et al.

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Photo of the month: May 2021

It’s been a good month for photography with several candidates for PotM. Then when I’d chosen this one I was in two minds whether or not to post the version with a few, very minor, post processing adjustments. In the end I’ve decided to go for it. Click here for a copy of the plain unvarnished version

This is a photo of good friend Stuart Lothian who’s just been shopping at Michael’s fruit and veg ‘stall’ on Park Lane and it’s confirmation yet again that it’s always carrying your with camera with you.

The photo was taken with my Sony a7 III, 1/100th at f5.6 and ISO 100. The zoom was set at 170mm. As mentioned above there’s been a little light post-processing and a square crop.

Five great upgrades

I’m fortunate but I’ve also got to apologise. I’m fortunate in that I’ve enjoyed lots of interesting business travel often in business or even first class. At one time I had three gold cards: with BA, KLM and SAS which meant that even when I was travelling economy I still got to avoid the long economy class check-in queues and was able to use the business class lounges.

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