Aug 17: photo of the month

DSC06833It’s got to be the rose! f5 at 1/100th with no post processing, taken with my Sony alpha 58 SLR.

And just to demonstrate that there must be something in the soil here’s a photo of another rose in the same garden which I took in November 2006.





Jul 17: photo of the month

DSC06493It’s been a little thin on the blog posting front and here’s a second photo of the month in a row. When I posted this on Tumblr I said it was a bit of a cliche and the purists would argue that it doesn’t observe the rule of thirds very well and they’d be right. But I still like it. The pastel shades of the beach huts are a reminder of how soft a summer’s day can be.

The photo was taken using my Sony alpha 58 SLR, 1/200th at f11. It’s been cropped a little