On the job in Jakarta

JakartaTime is elastic and your perceptions of it evolve over time. Looking back I remember working for just two years in Indonesia and that’s not many in a working life that’s extended over five decades. But at the time it didn’t seem so short. Not because it bored me but because it was so rich in experience, in what was new and in the opportunities which it presented. Continue reading


I grew up in the Quay

img_20181021_0003 cropI lived in Connah’s Quay full time from 1949 to 1966 and then part-time (I was at university the rest of the time) until 1970 when I moved to London. That’s a long time ago but it’s amazing what you can remember, with a little help from Google, when you put your mind to it. Continue reading

New year, what new year?

Pease Way partyI don’t know about you but there’s not been much of a new year’s feeling round here. Granted we’ve had the big firework shows in the world’s big cities and pubs, clubs and restaurants have been running more expensive New Year’s Eve events but on the ground I’ve got the feeling that many people just don’t see it as such a big deal. Certainly the TV channels don’t with their offering of films, talk shows with ‘less than A’ list celebrities and specials recorded some weeks or months in advance. Continue reading

Dec 18: photo of the month

DSC03147Plenty of choice again this month with a week in Oman at the beginning and Xmas at the end. This photo is from our trip to Oman and it’s our tour group (more of a mini-group) at  Mughsail east of Salalah in the south west of the country.

It’s a special photo because I ‘took’ it with my camera resting on a hat on the railings of the jetty and set to a 10 second delayed release and me hoping hope that it didn’t fall off and into the sea. Of course this fear is unnecessary because my Sony alpha 77 II is a mirrorless DSLR so no moving parts!

As I said the photo was taken using my Sony alpha 77 II with the zoom on 20mm, f8 and ISO 100 at 1/320th. Post processing-wise it’s been straightened and cropped and then the auto setting in Lightroom lightened it up a bit.