I went to a funeral today

Alan RodgerThat’s not that unusual and you’d maybe expect that at my age I’d be going to rather a few. However that’s not the case and I’ve only been to two or three a year in recent years; but with this one being in January maybe it’s setting me up for an bumper year. Continue reading

Indonesia 2019 (and 2020)

DSC05969We’ve just spent a couple of days short of four weeks on holiday in Indonesia. It’s a longer trip than we’d normally make and with hindsight would have been better if it had been a few days shorter but you can’t change history so why dwell on it. Continue reading

Oct 19: photo of the month

Oct 19Good to have a photo from my DSLR this month after a run of phone photos. The subject is one of Mrs J’s flower arrangements and I really like the dusty cream of the rose.

The photo was taken with my Sony alpha 77 II f5.6 at 1/80 and a focal length of 90mm. There’s been a gentle crop and although I did faff around a little in Lightroom in the end it’s the photo as taken.

What’s the point? Five healthy foods to avoid.

fish and chipsI was chatting to one of the excellent nurses who’s helping me with my cardiac rehab. We were talking about diet and in general I find it easy enough to follow a cardiac friendly diet: lots of fruit and veg and no sat fat. I’ve done this single-mindedly for a couple of months now and my cholesterol and all the other blood lipids are at healthy levels. What I was interested in knowing was how often I could wander off piste. ‘For example,’ I said ‘How often can I eat fish and chips’. She didn’t hesitate. “Never’ she replied. Continue reading

Sep 19: photo of the month

Sep 19-2It seems to have been a month with no recourse to my DSLR so it was a choice between a bunch of phone photos. This one sums up the summer and is typical of many photos I’ve taken. It’s apparently been a very productive summer agriculturally and my crop of tomatoes has been exceptional.

This was taken with my Sony Xperia XZ1, 1/100th sec at f2.0. The original’s been cropped but otherwise there’s been no post processing.