Damn! I love Indonesia

DSC02235We were invited to a wedding, Sat 12 Dec 15. It was Juni’s cousin’s son whom we knew quite well so we had a mind to go. Problem was it was in Surabaya, East Java. Rather a long way to go just for a family event. So we decided to make a holiday of it. Continue reading


History Cafe, Brunton Boatyard, Kochi; 24 Nov 10

We go on package holidays. Twenty years ago I’d have been horrified at the thought but for about 10 years now we’ve taken our holidays in the company of others who we’ve not known before hand and, in general, will probably never see again. We’ve used just 2 companies: Travel Editions, (www.traveleditions.co.uk) with which we’ve had several excellent Italian breaks plus Cuba last year, and Voyages Jules Verne (www.vjv.com) with which we’ve done Namibia, Sri Lanka and Turkey. This year it’s been Travel Editions again and they took us to southern India. Continue reading