Big trip to Oz: March 2015

????????Last month we were in Australia. It wasn’t a big trip by some people’s standards but it was 3 weeks, we haven’t had a 3 week holiday for ages, and it was Australia which is a long way away. We went to see number 1 son who’s a police officer in Fremantle. Continue reading


Plymouth? Ho! 28-30 May 14

coffee and croissantWednesday, 28 May 14: the problem with the weather at the moment is that it’s great for growing: plenty of rain, enough warmth and long hours of daylight so everywhere’s green and today’s typical. It’s been raining overnight and it’s an overcast sky but I’m sat in First Class on the 0745 Cambridge to King’s Cross.

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History Cafe, Brunton Boatyard, Kochi; 24 Nov 10

We go on package holidays. Twenty years ago I’d have been horrified at the thought but for about 10 years now we’ve taken our holidays in the company of others who we’ve not known before hand and, in general, will probably never see again. We’ve used just 2 companies: Travel Editions, ( with which we’ve had several excellent Italian breaks plus Cuba last year, and Voyages Jules Verne ( with which we’ve done Namibia, Sri Lanka and Turkey. This year it’s been Travel Editions again and they took us to southern India. Continue reading

Edinburgh Odyssey; 2-5 Jun 10

Wednesday 2 Jun 10: the cat arrived at 0815. Not the one which teases my dog by staring through the patio doors but the Cambridge taxi service which takes me to the station. The driver was keen to talk which we did. We started with David Laws and finished on electoral reform. He was a tad to the right of me but we had plenty of common ground. Such is the political mood today. Continue reading

if you haven’t been to Hong Kong you can’t imagine it


The symmetry was elegant … 32 deg C in Bali and 32 deg F in the UK. When we landed this morning after a 13 hour flight from Hong Kong (pardon my air miles; I have not ‘offset’ them because that’s akin to joining the RSCPA and continuing to kick the cat; I just try to be abstemious in other ways) it was cold and after the incident in Bali there were no other problems. We even got in early and were home courtesy of National Express by 8am. Continue reading