I’ve done my bit for women’s football

I’ve got to confess that I’ve not been a whole hearted participant in the ‘the Lionesses won the European Cup so all’s well with the world’ orgy of celebration following last Sunday’s victory. I don’t want to play down the victory and I’ll certainly applaud the impact that it will likely have on women’s participation in football and sport in general but I suspect that even 1966 didn’t get the obsessive media coverage that we’re seeing today. We are inclined to overdo stuff aren’t we?

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Cycling to nowhere

HIBCIt seems to be getting worse and the evidence is the buoyant business at stores like Rutland Cycles. More and more people are getting with the Lycra, buying expensive bikes and cycling round in circles. They’re not going anywhere but they’re getting miles in their legs. I guess it’s good for them, builds stamina, works the heart, develops muscle condition and increases lung capacity, but many of them don’t seem to lose much weight. Continue reading