Damn! I love Indonesia

DSC02235We were invited to a wedding, Sat 12 Dec 15. It was Juni’s cousin’s son whom we knew quite well so we had a mind to go. Problem was it was in Surabaya, East Java. Rather a long way to go just for a family event. So we decided to make a holiday of it. Continue reading


Big trip to Oz: March 2015

????????Last month we were in Australia. It wasn’t a big trip by some people’s standards but it was 3 weeks, we haven’t had a 3 week holiday for ages, and it was Australia which is a long way away. We went to see number 1 son who’s a police officer in Fremantle. Continue reading

Cambridge buses and the Oak Bistro

14644689596_86da472670_bThere’s an app you can get in Cambridge to tell you where your nearest bus options are and to plan bus trips across the county. It’s a bit clunky and it doesn’t seem to include the guided bus so I don’t use it much but it does tell me that from where I live it’s 0.4 miles (curious mixture of the metric and traditional) to the nearest stop in the village which will get me a citi 8 to Cambridge and, interestingly only 0.2 miles further in the other direction to the Girton Farm stop for the citi 6. But sadly it doesn’t tell me how far it is to the guided bus stop in the village but MayMyRun tells me it’s about 2km and that’s where I headed off to last night. Continue reading