5 memorable flights

I didn’t take my first air flight until my mid 20s but I’d have to admit I’ve made up for it since. It’s not something I’m necessarily proud of but in my time I’ve held gold cards with three different airline groups (British Airways, KLM and SAS) and in more recent times I’ve done interim management jobs in Spain by effectively commuting weekly between Luton or Stansted and Barcelona.

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Drink piss, screw women and drive fast cars

Parental advisory: this blog post contains no salacious comment. Despite the title.

Phil Judd second left; JDJ 4th left

I lived for two years in Jakarta, Indonesia when I was in my late 20s. After nearly four years working for Shell in London I joined Mobil Oil. This took me firstly to New York and then to Jakarta where I worked in a small ‘president’s office’. Mobil’s main operations were in North Sumatra.

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The Yacht in Oakenholt

You couldn’t really have called the Yacht in Oakenholt my local. Firstly because it wasn’t really local. It was in Flint which was 3 or 4 miles away from my home in Connah’s Quay which had at least 8 pubs of its own. And secondly because I didn’t go there that often because I was living away from home anyway. It’s just that I went there more often than I went to any other pub in the locality.

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5 parties through my time

I’m not a great party goer, even less a party giver but there have been times when I’ve filled the latter role and it’s turned out rather well. They’re an eclectic mix and evoke multiple memories. It’s amazing what you remember when you set your mind to it. Sadly the photographic record is somewhat limited and even where there are photos they’re not as good as they might be.

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Going to the movies

Not something we can do at moment of course but that doesn’t stop me reminiscing.

My memories of going to the cinema, or to the flicks as we would have said in those days, began in the early 60s. As a teenager in I went to the local cinemas, every town had one, and, if you were impatient for the latest release there were the big chains: the ABC and the Odeon in Chester.

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