Farewell to all that

At midnight a week ago last Monday I ceased to be a county councillor. I was first elected 16 years ago and, as I’ve said many times, I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for. Certainly I couldn’t have imagined it lasting so long. So as I look back, what are the highlights? And in keeping with my basic rule ‘what are the 5 highlights?’

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David Jenkins steps down: the end of an era

Socially distanced with Ros Hathorn on Histon Green

HI Hub (www.hihub.info) is a community website for the village of Histon & Impington. It recently ran an article about me not standing for re-election this year. It’s quoted below. Click here if you want to read it on HI Hub.

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Brexit: it’s all about the fish

In a year of such bad news the headline that a Brexit deal has been signed counts as good news but it is only relatively, and minimally, so.

For the country at large it means duty and quota free access for manufactured goods and that’s surely good news for those who’ve exported a substantial part of their production to the EU and there are many of them. In particular I’m pleased that Welsh sheep farmers now have a chance of survival. However they and the other exporters will now have to contend with export documentation, which was unnecessary as long as we were still a part of the EU, and that’s not inconsiderable.

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How facist is Boris Johnson?

I ask because I’ve just been watching the excellent Andrew Marr series History of Modern Britain and the scenes from Germany and Italy in the 20s and 30s chime unpleasantly with this week’s Republican convention in the US. Googling the question ‘is Donald Trump a fascist’ connects to several interesting articles and although the answer in general seems to be ‘no’ you’ve got to worry.

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Remembering is not the same as celebrating

I’ve been a long time supporter of the idea that you shouldn’t rewrite history, errors and omissions excepted, and I’ve got a bit of history myself: born in South Africa, 2 years living an expat life in Indonesia and then three years in Hong Kong. So you could say that I’ve experienced first hand the consequences of the colonial era and, to be honest, enjoyed it too.

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