Photo of the Month: July 2022

We had such good pasta when we were in Italy in May I thought I should do my best to replicate it back home so this has become one of my signature dishes: linguine al salmone. The key to success is to be generous with the salmone!

This photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy s20 FE 1/100th at f1.8 ISO 320 and a ’35mm focal length equivalent’ of 26mm. There has been minimal post-processing, just a slight lightening of the shadows, a medium contrast tone curve and a square crop.

Photo of the Month: Jun 2022

I took this photograph at the start of our trip to North Wales. It’s taken from the end of the Portmerion peninsula looking across the Afon Glaslyn estuary towards Borth-y-Gest. I don’t think the couple in the foreground planned on walking all the way there but they’ve nonetheless got quite a detour to get round the pool of water in front of them.

The photo was taken with my Sony a7 111 DSLR, 1/320th at f8.0 and ISO100 and 149mm of Zoom. There’s been an irregular crop to get rid of a little too much beach in the foreground but otherwise minimal post processing.

Photo of the Month: May 2022

Lots of choice this month with a week in Sorrento and then better weather at home. This one’s a shot of the Italian equivalent of our National Trust volunteers, the people who site patiently just to make sure that visitors to their properties behave themselves. This is one such volunteer at the Villa San Marco.

The photo was taken with my Sony a7 111 DSLR, 1/400th at f9.0 and ISO100 and 83mm of Zoom. There has been minimal post-processing.

Photo of the Month: April 2022

It’s a first this month: the first featured photo with my new Samsung Galaxy s20 FE. I’m seeing already that it’s a better camera than by old Sony although to be fair I’d had that for some time.

This photo was taken on a business trip to Spain and I went for a walk in the evening. I was staying in Santpedor and you got a good view of Montserrat across the fields. Everywhere was very lush, there’d been quite a bit of recent rain and I like the classic form of the photo with the foreground, mid-range with the white house and the long distance.

The photo was taken at 1/430 and f2.4 with a focal length of 7.12mm (equivalent to 76mm for a 35mm lens).

There’s been some post processing. Firstly because it’s a simple camera with limited dynamic range the sky was blown out. I took a sky picture separately and dropped that in. I’ve then added detail to Montserrat with a clarity boost and, because the lushness seemed a little OTT, I’ve backed off the green/yellow saturation just a little.

Photo of the Month: March 2022

Lots of options again this month with eight photos which I’ve rated 5-star as we’ve been out visiting more National Trust sites and been up to Yorkshire and I’ve had a business trip to Manresa. This one’s of Houghton Mill and it was taken on a rather cold and unexciting March morning

This photo was taken with my Sony a7 III, 1/125th at f8.0 and ISO 500. The zoom was set at 76mm.

There’s been a modest crop to straighten the photograph, I’ve added a little texture to the building, brought out the cloud detail in the sky and highlighted the people on the right. I’m rather pleased with the final impact.

Photo of the Month: February 2022

Lots to choose from in February with a week in photogenic Switzerland and then the shots of the graffiti wall in Impington and the #StandwithUkraine event in Cambridge so this shot across the lake at Arosa is the best of a very good bunch.

This photo was taken with my Sony a7 III, 1/500th at f5.6 and ISO 100. The zoom was set at 100mm. 

There’s been a moderate crop and in post-processing I’ve increased the contrast. I’ve then highlighted the red of the Swiss flag in the centre which has also served to bring out the pink in the house in the north west quadrant.

I like the overall effect and the bonus is a walking figure bottom right.

Photo of the Month: January 2022

This is the Rotunda at Ickworth. It was a cold and sunny morning and not the best light for photography. That’s where a good crop and a little judicious post processing is useful.

This photo was taken with my Sony a7 III, 1/200th at f5.6 and ISO 100. The zoom was set at 28mm. 

In post processing I increased the colour temperature (from 5500 to 7500), reduced the highlights in the sky and boosted the shadows in the building. The crop eliminated a lot of boring foreground and a little sky.

I note a flock of birds in the centre of the shot. Maybe I should photoshop them out as well.

Photo of the Month: December 2021

You always get an opportunity to listen to the Salvation Army band at Xmas and they’re generally playing outside the Methodist Church on High Street. I like this year’s shot because the musician is properly wrapped up against the cold and there’s a background of Xmas lights and aa Nativity scene behind her.

This photo was taken with my Sony a7 III, 1/125th at f5.6 and ISO 640. The zoom was set at 200mm. There’s been just a modest crop but otherwise it’s as it came out of the camera.

Photo of the Month: November 2021

I took this photo down in the New Forest. I was on a photo course and obviously one of the challenges was to capture the colours of autumn. This is one of the first photos I took and, I reckon, one of my best of the weekend. It was easy to take photos of the autumn colours, they were splendid, the challenge was to make them a little more interesting than just colours. This shot works in that respect because of the gate.

This photo was taken with my Sony a7 III, 1/125th at f5.0 and ISO 800. The zoom was set at 135mm. I’ve done the standard ‘enhance the shadows, reduce the highlights’ in Lightroom.

Living Lens photo weekend , 12-14 Nov 21

Some time back I was looking at courses whereby I might improve my Lightroom and Photoshop skills and as I Googled I came across Living Lens which was offering weekends of photography. That promised an opportunity to get away from the rather uninspiring landscapes of Cambridgeshire with a little instruction thrown in as a bonus so I signed up and early this month ended up in the New Forest.

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