Jul 20: photo of the month

This month was a toss up between another butterfly and a little ego. Naturally the latter won. I last had my haircut 20 Feb 20 and this photo was taken 5 Jul 20 prior to my next haircut 8 Jul 20. I felt that I needed a record for posterity. Obviously I didn’t take this photo; all credit to Juni for framing the shot and then letting the camera take care of the rest.

The photo was taken with my Sony A77 ll with my Tamron 18-270mm lens, f5.6 at 1/200th, ISO320 and a focal length of 100mm. There’s been no post-processing, not even a crop.

Jun 20: photo of the month

And it’s another nature photo this month. The butterfly’s a Meadow Brown.

The photo was taken with my Sony A77 ll with my Tamron 18-270mm lens, f6.3 at 1/200th, ISO100 and a focal length of 280mm (funny how that’s more than the spec of the lens).

There’s been no post processing beyond a crop to go from landscape to portrait. Perhaps I could go a little further to get rid of some of the open space at the top but that would constrain the rest of the image a little too much

Feb 20: photo of the month

Feb 20Back to Cambridge this month for a peep at King’s College down St Edward’s Passage.

This was taken with my Sony Xperia XZ1, 1/160th at f2.0 and ISO40. The focal length was 4.4mm. I confess to a little post processing including adding some colour to an otherwise drab sky.

Jan 20: photo of the month

DSC06356Here’s another photo from our trip to Indonesia over Xmas and the New Year. It’s taken in Fatahillah Square in Jakarta on the first Sunday of the year when it was full of people being out, relaxing and looking for Instagram opportunities. There are lots of living statues and this photo is of a Javanese lady close to such a statue. I’m not sure who/what it is but he’s holding a violin

The photo was taken with my Sony alpha 77 II f6.3 at 1/500 and a focal length of 280mm. I’ve cropped it from landscape to portrait but otherwise there’s been no post-processing.

Dec 19: photo of the month

untitled-500K-8I need to get 2019 completed so that I can start on 2020 so here’s Dec 19’s photo and, rather inevitably, it’s from Indonesia and it’s a simple photo of the daughter of the guy from whom we bough fresh fruit at his roadside stall near Bandung, Indonesia.

The photo was taken with my Sony alpha 77 II f5.6 at 1/160 and a focal length of 85mm. I’ve given it a square crop which seems to work and subjected it to minimal post-processing given the light was perfectly good and there’s enough separation between the subject and her background that the latter is out of focus.

Nov 19: photo of the month

DSC04916I seemed to take a lot of beer photos during the month and with me having ‘perfected’ a process I could have chosen any of them for the monthly award. However this one’s of Wrexham Lager which connects me with my drinking days of the late 60s. We used to call it Chateau Wrexham.

Anyway the process involves my  Sony alpha 77 II with a Sony 1.8 lens, 1/25th at f5.0 at ISO3200. There’s been no post processing.

Oct 19: photo of the month

Oct 19Good to have a photo from my DSLR this month after a run of phone photos. The subject is one of Mrs J’s flower arrangements and I really like the dusty cream of the rose.

The photo was taken with my Sony alpha 77 II f5.6 at 1/80 and a focal length of 90mm. There’s been a gentle crop and although I did faff around a little in Lightroom in the end it’s the photo as taken.