Photo of the month: May 2021

It’s been a good month for photography with several candidates for PotM. Then when I’d chosen this one I was in two minds whether or not to post the version with a few, very minor, post processing adjustments. In the end I’ve decided to go for it. Click here for a copy of the plain unvarnished version

This is a photo of good friend Stuart Lothian who’s just been shopping at Michael’s fruit and veg ‘stall’ on Park Lane and it’s confirmation yet again that it’s always carrying your with camera with you.

The photo was taken with my Sony a7 III, 1/100th at f5.6 and ISO 100. The zoom was set at 170mm. As mentioned above there’s been a little light post-processing and a square crop.

and finally 2020-21

Every month I write a monthly report about county council activities. Sad I know but I try to add a little colour with a final ‘and finally’ paragraph. Here’s the set of such paragraphs for 2020-21. They are of course the last such set. I’ve also included my photos of the month although in most cases there’s no correlation between them!

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Photo of the month: April 2021

Two PotM posts in a row rather suggests I haven’t been doing much writing recently. I’ll blame that on the election and promise to improve now that’s behind us.

This is a photo, one of the first, taken with my new camera, that’s a Sony Alpha 7 III. It was taken with an exposure of 1/2000th at f1.8 and ISO 100 with a 50mm lens.

I took it low down so needed to crop it to bring it back to vertical but there’s been no other post processing. How could you improve those colours?

Photo of the month: March 2021

I was stuck without a DSLR for a couple of weeks as I was trading up. That meant I resorted to my perfectly good Sony WX-350 compact.

This is a photo of Ros Hathorn who’s standing as the Lib Dem candidate in the county council elections to replace me. She’s an excellent candidate and will make an excellent councillor. We needed a shot of her in Orchard Park with visible context so here she is in Unwin Square in front of Tesco.

As I said it was taken with my Sony WX-350. 1/100th at f5.0 and a focal length of 12.05mm and ISO80. I confess to a little light work in Photshop to add a tad of blur to the background

Photo of the month: February 2021

It’s not a usual shot for me, more for artistic merit than a part of the story of my life, but it seems to work. Camera held low down, shallow depth of field frosty morning.

This photo was taken with my Sony A77 II DSLR, 1/80th at f2.8 and ISO100 using my 50mm prime. There’s been no post processing except to give it a ‘non-standard’ horizontal crop

Photo of the month: January 2021

It’s not been a great month for photography and it came down to a choice from one from a sunny morning or one from a cold and misty one. The latter won.

This was taken with my Sony WX350 pocket camera, 1/400th at f3.5, ISO 80 and no zoom. There’s been a little post processing to accentuate the black of the tree and to remove a couple of headlights.

The subject tree is the magnificent one that stands outside the Holiday Inn close to the junction of Cambridge Road with the B1049. During the worst of the A14 destruction of the trees in the neighbourhood of the A14/B1049 there were rumours that we would lose it. They were of course unfounded and ridiculous but it is a fine specimen and stands proud as you enter our community from the south.

Photos of the month: October, November and December

Oops … this is a bit of a catch-up to make sure that I can round off the year within the year and not some time in 2021.


I drink more wine than I do beer but I don’t have the same regular habit of photographing wine as I do with beer.

I’ve spent enough time in Spain that I’ve drunk enough Spanish wine to appreciate it and the Cune 2015 Reserva is super.

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Sep 20: photo of the month

I take a beer photo every Friday and I guess one was going to be seen as deserving the ultimate accolade. This one looks good enough to drink and is of a beer which I often drank on visits to Germany, especially Dusseldorf.

This photo was taken with my Sony A77 II DSLR 1/80th at f2.0 and ISO 1000 with a focal length of 50mm. There’s been no post processing, not even a crop.

Aug 20: photo of the month

I take this shot most Saturdays and Sundays now because my regular weekend routines have been upset by (a) the closure of Don Pasquale and (b) Covid. I reckon I’m good at scrambled eggs and I got introduced to avocado with breakfast during our Aussie tour of 2017. A since avocados are reputed to lower your cholesterol that’s an extra reason to include ‘smashed’ avocado in the dish.

The photo was taken with my Sony Experia mobile phone, 1/50th at f2.0 and ISO 250 with a focal length of 44mm. There’s been a modest amount of post processing specifically to get rid of a little stray egg on the rim of the plate.

Jul 20: photo of the month

This month was a toss up between another butterfly and a little ego. Naturally the latter won. I last had my haircut 20 Feb 20 and this photo was taken 5 Jul 20 prior to my next haircut 8 Jul 20. I felt that I needed a record for posterity. Obviously I didn’t take this photo; all credit to Juni for framing the shot and then letting the camera take care of the rest.

The photo was taken with my Sony A77 ll with my Tamron 18-270mm lens, f5.6 at 1/200th, ISO320 and a focal length of 100mm. There’s been no post-processing, not even a crop.