New year, what new year?

Pease Way partyI don’t know about you but there’s not been much of a new year’s feeling round here. Granted we’ve had the big firework shows in the world’s big cities and pubs, clubs and restaurants have been running more expensive New Year’s Eve events but on the ground I’ve got the feeling that many people just don’t see it as such a big deal. Certainly the TV channels don’t with their offering of films, talk shows with ‘less than A’ list celebrities and specials recorded some weeks or months in advance. Continue reading


Days of my life

2018-11-16 20.56.43 docIt was the last session of my ‘writing class’ on Friday and I wrote the following. I thought it paled by comparison with the efforts of the other attendees but they were nice about it and our teacher said it was ‘excellent’ which is even nicer. We will be continuing to meet informally as a group so I should continue to post these posts. Continue reading

New York, New York

TM dawn-1

Here’s a second piece which I’ve written as a contribution for this week’s ‘Writing about your life’ session at Histon library.

‘The winter of 1973/74 began with the Yom Kippur War and ended with a miners strike. The first limited petrol supplies and the second gave rise to the three day week and led to the fall of Ted Heath’s government. It was a pretty grim time to be in the UK and early in 1974 I flew for an interview with Mobil Oil to New York. Continue reading

I grew up in my grandfather’s house. He was a butcher.

IMG_20181019_0001I wrote the following for my contribution to today’s ‘Writing about your life’ session at Histon library.


I grew up in my grandfather’s house. He was a butcher. I seem to say this quite often and it’s generally in connection with a conversation about food. It’s used to establish my right to comment on the quality of a meat dish on the one hand or to explain my diet on the other. But it also raises a question. Why? Continue reading