Three Thursdays in August (and the two weeks in between)

2019-08-29 18.15.18Thursday 15 Aug 19: It was a pretty standard day given that all my days are different anyway. I started with a photo session down in Orchard Park at 0830. Then a coffee at Thoroughbreads in Cowley Road before visiting Stagecoach with Orchard Park Community Council Chair Andrew Chan. I had lunch, an excellent fish & chips, at the Red Lion in Streatham with Lorna Dupre of the County Council Lib Dem group and then another photo session, we have political leaflet to publish, at 1500. Continue reading

4 years in London

Sheen RoadI lived in London for almost four years from September 1970. I lived in several flats, shared with a bunch of different people but all the time I worked for just one company, Royal Dutch Shell. They were formative years but I’ve got so say they were still a part of my growing up. I was still not the finished article. And rather surprisingly I don’t remember much about it. I had a camera and took photos but only occasionally so I don’t have much of a record of those days. Continue reading


Type Heads - Poster - finalIf you’ve been subject to any sort of testing as a part of your job or similar chances are that you’ll have come across the work of Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers which assesses people according to four dimensions. The end result of the assessment is a personality type, there are 16 such types, which is said to provide insight into the way in which you behave, are motivated and relate to people. My type is INTJ. I’ve been assessed twice and the two results have been pretty consistent. Continue reading

and finally …

and finallyEvery month I do a monthly report on my life as a county councillor. Rather sad I know but if you’ve got the job you need to do what goes with it.

To add a little colour to each report I had a final ‘and finally …’ paragraph. It’s generally non-political and reflects more on me and less on my political life.

I’ve pulled together these paragraphs for the municipal year 2017/18. Click here to read them.

I’m Welsh. Does it matter?

Welsh flagI’d written this piece for my writing group which was due to meet 1 Mar 19, Dydd Dewi Sant (St David’s Day). Sadly our host for the day has a family medical emergency so we had to postpone. Given the timeliness of the piece I thought I’d post it anyway and write something else for our re-arranged event. Here it is:

It’s a frequent conversation. ‘Are you English?’ ‘No I’m Welsh’. Continue reading

Twin peaks of happiness

1963According to the Resolution Foundation people are at their happiest when they’re 16 or 70. It’s an average of course and does beg the question ‘what about people who die before they reach 70?’ but it’s worth some thought. Its research also suggests that people are at their least happy in their 50s which I can understand: kids still hanging around, long way to retirement, body in slow decline etc. Continue reading