Me and my stent: 6 months in

untitled-29It’s worth a little reflection. Six months ago, on Thursday 29 Aug 19, I was flat on my back at Royal Papworth having a stent inserted in my right coronary artery and I still find it remarkable that I’m leading a pretty normal life today. I wrote about my feelings one month in ( It seems right to provide an update. Continue reading

5 things to/I do before 9 o’clock

untitled-500K-24I’m motivated to write this piece because I’ve just come across a similarly motivated blogpost which talks of ‘9 things before 9AM’ (click here). It’s a mix of the mundane (drink more water) and the strange (daily affirmations) with some hard work in between (journals) but I recognise much of my own thinking. Continue reading

Reflections on 2019

2019-08-29 18.15.18It’s a bit late I know but it’s still important to reflect on a year just gone.

From my personal point of view it’s been dominated by my big op. Actually it wasn’t really that big, ‘just’ an angioplasty to insert a stent into my right coronary artery which only took about 30 minutes, but it did signal a change in my life. I’d never thought before that I might have a life threatening condition and although that’s now been sorted I have had to change my life style if I’m going to make 90. Go to for the full story. Continue reading

What’s the point? Five healthy foods to avoid.

fish and chipsI was chatting to one of the excellent nurses who’s helping me with my cardiac rehab. We were talking about diet and in general I find it easy enough to follow a cardiac friendly diet: lots of fruit and veg and no sat fat. I’ve done this single-mindedly for a couple of months now and my cholesterol and all the other blood lipids are at healthy levels. What I was interested in knowing was how often I could wander off piste. ‘For example,’ I said ‘How often can I eat fish and chips’. She didn’t hesitate. “Never’ she replied. Continue reading