David Jenkins steps down: the end of an era

Socially distanced with Ros Hathorn on Histon Green

HI Hub (www.hihub.info) is a community website for the village of Histon & Impington. It recently ran an article about me not standing for re-election this year. It’s quoted below. Click here if you want to read it on HI Hub.

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Sep 17: photo of the month

DSC06918This may not be the best photo of the month, there’s a bunch of good candidates from my visit to Hong Kong and the start of my vacation in Australia of course, but it’s of a type and it’s a memory of a great event.

The type is my liking for handheld available light photographs. And the event was my 70th birthday party. It was a dinner so it was nighttime and the subject is a pavlova.

The photo was taken with my Sony alpha 58 DSLR, 1/40th and f6.3 with an ISO setting of 1600. There’s been no post processing beyond a light crop to get rid of some of the clutter in the foreground.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch: a week in Turkey

W????????e got an offer way back for what was claimed to be a £799 holiday for £149. We got it from one of the supermarkets we go to, the one we patronise when we only want to buy food and drink and not electricals and clothing and which does super dry aged beef, so we reckoned that if its name was on the offer it couldn’t be to bad. However when we booked we got stung with a ‘seasonal supplement’ which bumped the cost up to £219. Still a good deal. Continue reading