Jul 19: photo of the month

DSC_1903This is one of those seasonal photos. During the summer growing season the farmers are out watering, fertilising and protecting their crops and they seem to do it at night time.

This was taken with my Sony Xperia XZ1, 1/50th sec at f2.0. There’s been a crop and a light touch to darken the sky.

Wales in a week: 5 highlights

untitled-3We spent 5 days in Wales in August of this year. It wasn’t planned as a big holiday but grew out of an idea to spend some time with the Bradburys (my daughter and her family) whilst they were camping in Anglesey. Continue reading

4 years in London

Sheen RoadI lived in London for almost four years from September 1970. I lived in several flats, shared with a bunch of different people but all the time I worked for just one company, Royal Dutch Shell. They were formative years but I’ve got so say they were still a part of my growing up. I was still not the finished article. And rather surprisingly I don’t remember much about it. I had a camera and took photos but only occasionally so I don’t have much of a record of those days. Continue reading

Jun 19: photo of the month

PrincipalI was in Manchester for a couple of days and this photo reflects what can be done with fine old buildings to repurpose them and with Lightroom to sort out the problem of ‘converging verticals’!

The building is now a top end hotel, Principal, but it used to be the offices of Refuge Assurance. It was a great building then and it’s a great building now. It reminds me of a similar excellent conversion which converted the headquarters of Pearl Assurance near High Holborn in London into what is now the Rosewood Hotel.

This phot was taken with my Sony alpha 77 II 1/80th at f4.5 and ISO100 wit the zoom on 24mm. It was an overcast day. The original has not been cropped but I ‘corrected’ the upright perspective and allowed Lightroom to make a modest adjustment to the tone curve. The only significant adjustment was +20 to vibrance which I guess compensated for the lack of sunshine!

Good teeth, bad teeth

teethI first went to the dentist way back in the early 50s when dental practice was fairly primitive: needles seemed blunt, fillings took an age to cure, loud scary drills driven by string ran hot and even though Xrays would have existed they weren’t in common use. It seemed like the practice of dentistry had barely moved on from the days when being a dentist was an adjunct of a barber’s job. Continue reading

May 19: photo of the month

RobertoLots of choice this month with a host of very different photos. This one’s @robertosdeli1, another great stall at Cambridge Market. We were buying Italian cheeses so it was appropriate to be served by an Italian. Stalls like this are what makes living close to Cambridge special and you just hope it’s not all going to be ruiined by Brexit.

This was taken with my Sony Xperia XZ1, 1/100th sec at f2.0. The original’s been cropped but otherwise there’s been no post processing.




Type Heads - Poster - finalIf you’ve been subject to any sort of testing as a part of your job or similar chances are that you’ll have come across the work of Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers which assesses people according to four dimensions. The end result of the assessment is a personality type, there are 16 such types, which is said to provide insight into the way in which you behave, are motivated and relate to people. My type is INTJ. I’ve been assessed twice and the two results have been pretty consistent. Continue reading