Remembering Asia’s airports in the 70s

My claim to be an old Asian hand springs from 1974-1979 when I lived first in Jakarta for two years and then Hong Kong. I spent a fair amount of time travelling around the region and got to know its airports which were very different from those you’d use nowadays.

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Photo of the Month: December 2021

You always get an opportunity to listen to the Salvation Army band at Xmas and they’re generally playing outside the Methodist Church on High Street. I like this year’s shot because the musician is properly wrapped up against the cold and there’s a background of Xmas lights and aa Nativity scene behind her.

This photo was taken with my Sony a7 III, 1/125th at f5.6 and ISO 640. The zoom was set at 200mm. There’s been just a modest crop but otherwise it’s as it came out of the camera.

5 overnights in hospital

With the NHS under so much pressure I’ve been thinking about what I owe it. And before I get into that let’s be clear that it’s under pressure on two fronts. First is the obvious one of Covid and let’s all note the incredible debt we now owe to the people of the NHS which have worked extraordinarily hard. Johnson blusters about the parties in Downing Street and justifies them because everybody’s been working very hard without considering the NHS people who didn’t have any parties because they stuck to the rules.

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Photo of the Month: November 2021

I took this photo down in the New Forest. I was on a photo course and obviously one of the challenges was to capture the colours of autumn. This is one of the first photos I took and, I reckon, one of my best of the weekend. It was easy to take photos of the autumn colours, they were splendid, the challenge was to make them a little more interesting than just colours. This shot works in that respect because of the gate.

This photo was taken with my Sony a7 III, 1/125th at f5.0 and ISO 800. The zoom was set at 135mm. I’ve done the standard ‘enhance the shadows, reduce the highlights’ in Lightroom.

Living Lens photo weekend , 12-14 Nov 21

Some time back I was looking at courses whereby I might improve my Lightroom and Photoshop skills and as I Googled I came across Living Lens which was offering weekends of photography. That promised an opportunity to get away from the rather uninspiring landscapes of Cambridgeshire with a little instruction thrown in as a bonus so I signed up and early this month ended up in the New Forest.

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