Leaders are only as good as their teams

The All Stars, Lensbury’s 2nd rugby team: I’ve always enjoyed sport, as a spectator and a participant. Unfortunately I’ve never been that good at it and in school, although I’d have happily swapped a few academic grades for a place on the school team, I never got the chance. However later on, first at college and then when I started to work, I found that enthusiasm was a pretty good substitute for ability. It wouldn’t get you into the first team but at least it got you onto a team sheet. Then I chanced on the discovery that if you would take on the chore of organising you would not only secure your position but you could even become captain, choose your position and take all the penalties! And so I became a ‘professional’ second team captain and my first shot at that was in the early 70s when I played for and captained the 2nd XV at Lensbury, the sports club of Shell in London where I worked.

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Sep 20: photo of the month

I take a beer photo every Friday and I guess one was going to be seen as deserving the ultimate accolade. This one looks good enough to drink and is of a beer which I often drank on visits to Germany, especially Dusseldorf.

This photo was taken with my Sony A77 II DSLR 1/80th at f2.0 and ISO 1000 with a focal length of 50mm. There’s been no post processing, not even a crop.

Aug 20: photo of the month

I take this shot most Saturdays and Sundays now because my regular weekend routines have been upset by (a) the closure of Don Pasquale and (b) Covid. I reckon I’m good at scrambled eggs and I got introduced to avocado with breakfast during our Aussie tour of 2017. A since avocados are reputed to lower your cholesterol that’s an extra reason to include ‘smashed’ avocado in the dish.

The photo was taken with my Sony Experia mobile phone, 1/50th at f2.0 and ISO 250 with a focal length of 44mm. There’s been a modest amount of post processing specifically to get rid of a little stray egg on the rim of the plate.

5 German cities

the old town hall in Munich; it’s now the toy museum

They’re not the most interesting German cities and this is certainly not any sort of in depth profile of them but it’s the five cities which give me good memories. It helps that I spent 13 years working in the chemicals industry in Europe and of course three of the biggest chemical companies were German and there were many others besides.

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And the Oscar goes to …

Good old Maslow and his hierarchy of needs reckoned that people are motivated in different ways and once the need for money has been addressed you get into the need for love and acceptance and then esteem whereby you’re respected by your peers. I can recognise that which is why I’ve been really chuffed on the odd occasion that I’ve won some industry or other award. I reckon that I’ve been there four times.

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5 memorable flights

I didn’t take my first air flight until my mid 20s but I’d have to admit I’ve made up for it since. It’s not something I’m necessarily proud of but in my time I’ve held gold cards with three different airline groups (British Airways, KLM and SAS) and in more recent times I’ve done interim management jobs in Spain by effectively commuting weekly between Luton or Stansted and Barcelona.

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Drink piss, screw women and drive fast cars

Parental advisory: this blog post contains no salacious comment. Despite the title.

Phil Judd second left; JDJ 4th left

I lived for two years in Jakarta, Indonesia when I was in my late 20s. After nearly four years working for Shell in London I joined Mobil Oil. This took me firstly to New York and then to Jakarta where I worked in a small ‘president’s office’. Mobil’s main operations were in North Sumatra.

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