Photo of the Month: April 2022

It’s a first this month: the first featured photo with my new Samsung Galaxy s20 FE. I’m seeing already that it’s a better camera than by old Sony although to be fair I’d had that for some time.

This photo was taken on a business trip to Spain and I went for a walk in the evening. I was staying in Santpedor and you got a good view of Montserrat across the fields. Everywhere was very lush, there’d been quite a bit of recent rain and I like the classic form of the photo with the foreground, mid-range with the white house and the long distance.

The photo was taken at 1/430 and f2.4 with a focal length of 7.12mm (equivalent to 76mm for a 35mm lens).

There’s been some post processing. Firstly because it’s a simple camera with limited dynamic range the sky was blown out. I took a sky picture separately and dropped that in. I’ve then added detail to Montserrat with a clarity boost and, because the lushness seemed a little OTT, I’ve backed off the green/yellow saturation just a little.


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