2021 in facts and figures

Google has just sent me a map of where I’ve been in 2021. It’s been a rather limited year, the second in a row, with no holidays outside the UK and just one quick business trip to Spain in November.

Coincidentally my car goes in for its MOT in December and in the almost 12 months from 22 Dec 20 to 8 Dec 21 I drove just 4746 miles. When I was fully active and in work it would be around about 24,000 miles each year and more recently with part time work it would have been 12,000.

In terms of travel though I have been to a few interesting places for the first time. These include Lincoln, Piece Hall in Halifax, Burghley House near Stamford, Weymouth and the Jurassic Coast, the New Forest and Harewood House near Wetherby.

I’ve had lots of exercise, counting a total of 132 occasions during the year, that’s slightly up on 2020 (128). It includes 62 visits to the gym, just 17 runs adding up to 86.7km, 40 on-line cardio classes and 11 face to face classes.

During the year I’ve stuck to my policy of drinking interesting beer but not too much of it. This has meant 75 units (bottles or glasses, not the strict medical definition) and 26.3 litres of over 60 individual beers. At the same time I seem to have drunk 85 litres of wine (24% from Argentina, 23% from Chile and 19% from Italy)

Fitbit tells me I did 3,671,381 steps in the year which is just over 10,000 per day and that my average weight declined from about 65.5kg to just under 65kg.

Healthwise my heart seems to have had a good year with my blood pressure averaging out at around about 120/62 and a resting heart rate of 50. Although I haven’t had a cholesterol check since last February all my lipid numbers were in the right place then. Not sure my teeth are doing so well though. I’ve had another big extraction and a few niggles. My dentist tells me I need a root canal job.

Workwise I issued 17 invoices during the year and this has meant that I have delayed taking any money out of my main pension pots for another 12 months and it looks like I will get to my 75th birthday without doing so.

Prospects for 2022 are looking better although I suspect that whatever normal we get too it won’t be what we’re used to.

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