Photos of the month: October, November and December

Oops … this is a bit of a catch-up to make sure that I can round off the year within the year and not some time in 2021.


I drink more wine than I do beer but I don’t have the same regular habit of photographing wine as I do with beer.

I’ve spent enough time in Spain that I’ve drunk enough Spanish wine to appreciate it and the Cune 2015 Reserva is super.

This photo was taken with my Sony A77 II DSLR, 1/80th at f2.0 and ISO800 using my 50mm prime. There’s been no post-processing.


To fill the photography gap left by not going on holiday I’ve been challenging myself with a series of ‘photo walks’ locally. I took this on on my east to west walk.

This is the adult wing at Impington Village College and is a part of the Gropius legacy. It’s elegant and the large windows give good views of the gardens at the front of the College. Sadly they’re in need of repair and because they’re a part of a listed building such repairs don’t come cheap.

This photo was taken with my Sony A77 II DSLR, 1/80th at F4.5 and ISO100 using my 18-270mm zoom at 40mm. I confess to a little post-processing to add features to the sky and to bring out the detail in the buildings.


I popped into Cambridge to pick up Xmas presents and took my compact to see if I could find something interesting to photograph. That’s generally not a problem in Cambridge but that morning was depressingly damp.

The group in the photograph is Extinction Rebellion’s Red Rebel brigade and it performs silently. It certainly has great presence and I reckon it’s a great means for getting Extinction Rebellion’s message across.

This photo was taken with my Sony DSC-WX350 compact, 1/50th at f3.5 and ISO100. I confess to taking the colour out of the phone box in the background.

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