Apr 20: photo of the month

Apr 20 BusterThis is Buster and it’s a more complicated and timely photo this month.

I don’t know if it’s a national thing but here in Histon & Impington people are putting bears in their windows for children who are out walking with their parents to spot. Actually Buster’s not a bear, he’s a dog, and one with a history. He was my dog when I was small and my mother always said that he was hers as well. That would make him close to a hundred years old.

Beside Buster on the window sill are (from left to right) my regular Tamron 18-170mm lens which I use for 90 odd percent of my DSLR shots, a photo of my family in KL in 1998 or maybe 1999, and an award from the Local Government Association Liberal Democrats for Council Group of the Year (Special Commendation 2009) .

The photo itself was taken with my Sony A77 ll with my 1.8mm lens and is a composite of two photos, one exposed for the outside (1/160th at f20, ISO2500) and one for the inside (1/40th at f2, ISO3200). It’s also had a little extra post processing to bring out the shadows and to highlight the photo.

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