Support our local businesses …

2019-04-18 12.57.50Denis PayneElaine Farrell and I enjoyed lunch at the Rose & Crown today. Great place, nice service and good food. But …

This is not a review of one of Histon & Impington’s excellent pubs but a plea to our fellow residents to give it a little extra support over the next few weeks as the road works continue at the Green.

Because Impington Lane is closed off they’re losing out on passing trade, and others who might go there maybe don’t understand that it can still be accessed via New Road. This means their business is down and they could do with a little extra support.

They’re doing their best to mitigate the worst of the the situation with signs (as shown on the photo) and special deals so if ‘the Lord helps the that help themselves’ they deserve us to pitch in.

But what about our other excellent pubs? Isn’t it unfair to favour this one pub at the moment? That’s a fair point but one former landlord said to me that it’s the richness of the offering which makes H&I special so it would be bad news if one were to suffer through no fault of its own.

I guess the message is … it’s going to be a fine holiday weekend so let’s get out and give some business to our local hostelries. Let’s make multiple visits and make one of them a visit to the Rose & Crown!

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