Jan 16: photo of the month

rooksI keep a ‘photo diary’ on Tumblr (click here) and I thought it might be interesting to pick one each month and to add a little information about it. It’s not necessarily the best technically but there should be a bit of a story behind it.

Here’s the first, from January, 2016. Juni and I take a walk most Sundays and I generally take my camera with me. I appreciate that you can take some remarkable shots with a phone but there’s also lots of times when you need the benefit of a decent optical zoom, manual focus and independent control of aperture and shutter speed and that’s why I often carry my SLR.

We often head into the village along Park Lane with Abbey Farm on the left. It’s also referred to as Rowley’s and although it’s private property it’s widely used by the public who by and large seem to treat it with respect. There’s tall trees along the perimeter by the roads you get close to the village and these are home to a colony of rooks. When we talked to people who live in the houses opposite they suggested that numbers have been increasing recently

Click here for information about Abbey Farm and Rowley’s.

For the techies who might be interested my camera is a Sony alpha 58 and I generally shoot with a Tamron 18-270mm zoom. This shot was taken at the full 270mm of zoom, f6.3 (the max available) and 1/500th of a second, and 250 ISO. A little light post processing to bring out the contrast; the original shot was more black and grey.

The original post of this photo is at http://bit.ly/1X4n2RZ.

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