A good end to a pretty good year

???????????????????????????????It’s not been a bad year and I’m a great one for lists so here’s my list of the highlights. And by the way I’m a geat supporter of lists of a defined length and that’s generally 5. Less and you haven’t given the list enough thought; more and you’re not really focussing. So here goes and in no particular order.

In May I got re-elected. That’s three in a row and I am again County Councillor for Cottenham, Histon and Impington. It was a tough campaign with disillusionment for national parties favoring Independents and UKIP invading from the north.  This resulted in the make-up of the new Council being ‘diverse’ with the Tories losing their majority. This has meant that the Council will move to a committee system early in 2014 and that’s good news. Click here for the story of the count.

In July I acquired more seniority in the family with the birth of Amelia Chloe. Click here for that story. Of course babies are babies and slowly they grow, they develop personality and, from one month to the next, fascinate us all, especially the grandparents, with new skills and abilities. Amelia stayed with us at Xmas and now at 5 months she is alert and aware and engages with those who are with her. No room for cynicism!

In November I rewarded myself for my successful election campaign by taking myself off to Peru specifically to see Machu Picchu. Actually I’ve done rather well for vacations this year with short breaks as well in Tromso, Cordoba and Bath. But the Peru trip was epic, long enough to really switch off. I read no emails for over two weeks. However I did use technology, I used Evernote to keep a diary of my trip and was able to tell my family what was going on and what I was experiencing. Click here for a selection of photographs and here for the story.

Throughout the year I’ve done OK financially. I’m fortunate in that I’m working with a small number of coaching clients on a continuing basis and I’ve taken on a role with a boutique marketing consultancy to help it to develop a position in Cambridge. I’ve also racked up enough years on this planet that the nice Mr Osborne is now sending me a monthly cheque and with a couple of smaller ones from past employers I’m staying solvent. The icing on the financial cake has been the sale of a small company which I 50% owned to its management which paid for the new patio doors.

And finally: I have remained fit and healthy for the year. I began running the odd 5k but not easily and have ended running 10k quite easily. My ambition for the Bonfire Burn, click here for that story, was unfortunately unfulfilled as my right calf muscle gave out after about 9k but today I ran the Waterside 5, a 5 mile race at Grafham Water. And I finished!

Actually a 5 mile race doesn’t sound much if you can do 10k because it’s only 8k but I’d registered before I checked out the course. Click here for the map and look at the altitude profile. There’s a nasty hill about 5k in. And if that’s not enough it’s been a stormy end of year and we enjoyed a 20mph wind against us for the second half  of the race.


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