I didn’t watch the cup final; 30 May 09

CQ NomadsEvery month I write a monthly report. I do it because I’m a county councillor and it keeps the parish councils in my division up to date with what I do. I finish every report with a personal item. I thought you might like to read the one I wrote yesterday. You can read the full monthly report (not recommended) at www.davidjenkins.org.uk.

And finally … yesterday I didn’t watch the Cup Final. Granted I had other things on my mind but I still felt no compunction to take time out to watch it. This would have been unheard of years ago. I’ve grown up with football, although now I have more passion for the oval ball game, and I’ve always made a point of watching the Cup Final wherever I’ve been.

I grew up with 2 football teams which I supported. One was and still is Connah’s Quay Nomads which plays in the Welsh League, division 1. I used to stand on the terrace there every Saturday. The other was Manchester United because it was the time of the Busby Babes and I just got sucked into supporting them. I wish I could shake it off now. Today I also support Histon of course.

But why didn’t I watch the Cup Final this year? Because the heart has gone out of football. I would not deny that as a spectacle it is often a joy to watch and that although individual skills may not have improved tactics have and some of the moves are thrilling to watch. But football has become a business, too many people talk of ‘brands’ and there’s little loyalty between clubs, players and communities. I can’t have a passion for that. That’s why I didn’t watch the Cup Final this year. Maybe next year though.


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