Aug 16: photo of the month

2016-08-14-14-48-34-crop-psdSometimes it’s all about the content on an emotional level. This is number one granddaughter Amelia with father, and my son-in-law, Alex sat on the bank of the Wharf in Wetherby by the bandstand.

Amelia is now three and is like all girls at that age. Learning quickly and communicating well, generally a joy but sometimes a pain and you know how it’s going to turn out!

Alex is a good chap. He does triathlons! He’s spent his time in the wine trade and so always provides good wine whenever we’re eating at his home.

For those who want to know this was another photo taken with my HTC One A9, f2 and 1/753th. A careful crop and I confess to a little lightening in PhotoShop.